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Jakarta Race 2011

Yesterday I participated at the Jakarta Race 2011. It is an annual program (charity and running) that started since six years ago. The background of this program is the commitment of the people in cancer prevention, education and counseling, and funding program for the treatment of unable patients through the Indonesian Cancer Foundation. At the Jakarta Race 2011, there are two route options that can be taken (5 km and 10 km). This event was attended by thousands of people (but I don’t know the exact number). Wew, woo, unexpected, there are Agni Pratistha, Sigi Wimala, and Melanie Putria who joined the event (we are together at the start line). Run, run, and run. A pleasure when the sweat dripping. After following the route, I finally reached the finish line, I immediately relax and enjoy snacks that is provided by the committee. After that, I enjoy the entertainment that is livened by Hedi Yunus, Yuke, Inong, Andi Rif, Nuckie, and Bubu-Giri.Here are some information about the Jakarta Race :

The History. The Charity Run began in 1981 when Isadore Sharp, Founder and CEO of made a corporate commitment to lead the charge against cancer. Since then , each year, there has been a run held at every Four Seasons Hotel & Resort around the world to raise funds for cancer research and finding cure. This commitment has no geographic boundaries and the sky is only limited by our dreams. This year Four Seasons will host runs at over 75 properties in 31 countries. This popular event is back and deserves the full support of the entire community that will also appeal to the hearts of runners everywhere. The challenge this year will be to raise the bar one notch higher and make it the best and friendliest fun run ever. All proceeds raised from JAKARTA RACE 2011 will be donated to Indonesian Cancer Foundation for direct patient support, cancer education and prevention.

Race for Society. The Indonesian Cancer Foundation is a non govermental organization (NGO) which depends on the support and assistance from the community and other cancer related institutions. Our goal is to achieve optimum cancer control throughout the country. The Indonesian Cancer Foundation’s mission is to reduce the burden of cancer patients to a minimum and to organize programs through community participation and cooperation with other cancer related institutions. Today, the ICF operates in all provinces of Indonesia.